Our Story

It’s like a bolt out of the blue. One day your son or daughter asks if they can speak with you. “O-K” you say tentatively, steeling yourself  to handle whatever news they bring you. But with cheshire cat smiles, they and the partner they’ve been bringing to your seders for the past few years, exclaim with joy
 We’re getting married!! 
And all of a sudden the passage of time catches up to you. Where did it go? Just yesterday, you were watching them run into kindergarden. Then quietly smiling at how goofy they looked the first day they got their braces. Or realizing how calm and clean the house is since they began college. And now --- a real wake up call. Marriage and then of course, babies!
My kid? Wow!
And that's what happened to me. My daughter got married two years ago. One of my sisters has FIVE grandchildren and a lifelong friend just welcomed her second grandchild.
All great things.
These and other happy lifecycle events made me think of my own parents. How they would have reveled at all these simchas. And how you suddenly realize that they experienced the very same joy, nostalgia and wistfulness as I do today.
What binds the generations together is not only a shared experience, but a shared language --- Yiddish. The sweet and sentimental Yiddish expressions that reflect so much happiness and so much laughter marking these momentous occasions.
I created Oy Vey Baby to keep those memories and an amazingly expressive language alive. I hear myself say the very same things my parents and grandparents did. Presented with a cherub of a baby with soft rosy cheeks and creased wrists, I  say “Hey bubbalah!” or “What a shaina maidela!”.
And that’s why Oy Vey Baby was born. We have an amazing legacy and I wanted to pass it on -- with style and joy!