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What can grandchildren learn from their Jewish grandparents?

As it turn out, a lot! Judaism not only takes place in the day school or synagogue. Judaism “happens” during family time at a Shabbat dinner, in the magic of Hanukkah candles or in the smell of freshly-baked hamentaschen. By dropping a coin in the tzedakah box or paying a visit to a sick friend -- Jewish grandparents help shape Jewish identities and Jewish memories of their grandchildren. Identities and memories that your grandchildren will likely pass onto their children.

There are many ways that grandparents can create Jewish experiences for their grandchildren. One does not have to be a Jewish scholar to transmit the true meaning of Judaism as a way of life. But doing things together can.
Grandparents teach by example. What a child sees, at any age, can convey many Jewish values. Preparing for Shabbat and holidays together, jointly volunteering at a nursing home or soup kitchen or working on a family genealogy project help transmit Jewish experiences and ethics.
Our lives are richer and more meaningful because of our Jewishness. And among our many blessing and obligations is how to pass that rich heritage to our precious grandchildren.

 research from http://www.uscj.org

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